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How to understand the issues and provide innovations to secure digital transformation?

With the Innov’Consulting department, Percall Group has developed a series of packaged offers to support its customers in their digital transformation process:

Discover, to translate and formalise your industrial challenges
Define, to outline your transformation objectives at all levels of your company
Drive, to agilely lead your transformation from the deployment of an innovative solution to the management of change

To initiate a digital transformation, you first need to have a clear vision of the situation and the context. What are the main business processes impacted by this transformation? What are the main challenges facing the industry, at both sponsor and operator level? What is the level of connectivity of machines or systems? What information systems are already deployed, with what level of digital continuity?

To answer these questions, the Discover offer always starts with an inventory of the main processes and information systems deployed in order to establish where we are starting from and where we want to go.

Innov’Consulting - Discover Offer

Innov'Consulting - The industry and the challenges of energy

Our Discover offer starts with an in-depth analysis of the AS-IS situation. Innov’Consulting consultants are entrusted with investigating all levels of the company, starting with the sponsors and the various referents in each department. The deliverables are a formalization of the issues, problems and digital challenges.

In order to fully understand the industrial process in a real situation, the second stage takes place at workshop level. Innov’Consulting consultants investigate and introduce various new concepts to evaluate the maturity of the operators, the type of machines and tools, and their ability to be connected, in order to finally imagine what innovation we can bring you to modernise and optimise your process. The deliverables are the formalisation of the impacted use cases to be modernised and the machines, tools or information systems to be connected.

At this stage, Innov’Consulting consultants analyse all the client’s use cases with similar ones already deployed by other clients and adapt them to the client’s specific processes and actors. Together with our architects, they make projections of solutions. In addition, a prioritisation and estimation of feasibility and effort is performed to ensure a rapid approach to your challenges.

At the end of the mission, the final deliverables are a roadmap to identify and set the objective and the project action plan to achieve it.

Innov’Consulting - Discover Offer - Roadmap
Innov’Consulting - Discover Offer - Consultants

Last year, an automotive manufacturer asked our teams to carry out an audit in order to identify the main innovations that it could deploy in its workshop to increase quality and performance.

After an exchange with the performance manager, two senior Innov’Consulting consultants accompanied the operational teams on one of the client’s twenty industrial sites for two days to present the different concepts (IIOT solution, MES systems, machine connectivity, augmented reality) and analyse the main problems faced by the operators.

Once all the information was collected, a value analysis was conducted to identify and prioritise each use case.
These use cases focused on the following topics


How to increase process traceability and deploy paperless solutions as much as possible to avoid duplicate data and errors?


How to help operators execute their assigned work orders more quickly? How to avoid rework or scrap? How to increase OEE through better supervision of production line downtime?

Energy efficiency:

How to optimise energy consumption according to the production schedule?

Cost reduction:

How to reduce maintenance costs with a better analysis of the root cause of all downtimes (most of them, less than 10 minutes, were not characterised)?

As a follow up, the IIOT platform (for machine supervision, energy monitoring, work order execution) and augmented reality (for digital instruction and quality control) were devised and integrated into a roadmap including priority, feasibility and cost.

Innov’Consulting - Discover Offer - Methodology

With a methodological approach, Innov’Consulting can really understand the main industrial issues and challenges and build a precise and realistic roadmap to secure your digital transformation.

If you don’t know where to start, which direction to take or which innovation could correspond with your industrial needs, Innov’Consulting’s offers will provide you with a methodology to secure your investment and an expert vision to drive your digital transformation.

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