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Innov’Consulting, a new department to accelerate and secure digital transformation

The playing field of industries is based on Engineering, Industrialization, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Customer Services.

On each product and process lifecycle, industries deployed an organization, processes and solutions. Those are not always optimized, uniform and connected. That creates complexity, lack of communication and collaboration between services, and delay on error detection which generate rework and waste.

For these reasons, industries must continue a global transformation and modernization based on an End to End process.

Innov'Consulting - Main Challenges

Innov'Consulting - The main challenges of Digital transformation

The main challenges of this transformation rely on a better performance & quality, the reduction of energy consumption and the loss of raw material.

The way to achieve this would be to deploy a digital continuity of information systems or solutions to digitalize critical processes. This will allow control and optimization over those processes and, above all, making the right decision in real time with the right information.

Most of the time, the industrial managers (Digital, Transformation, Performance or Operation Officers) don’t know how to do it, where to start, which solution to choose, which roadmap to implement and which budget for which return on investment.

This is why, Percall Group has defined and deployed a method to control time and optimize budgets in order to secure the launch of the digital transformation with a step-by-step approach.
To succed in this challenge, two key words could sum up Percall Group’s method : Listen and Act.

  • Listen to properly understand the Business needs and all the right constraints which actually limit the transformation (people, organization, information systems, infrastructure).
  • Act to start from the need to define and develop towards deploying the right and fast solution which allows permanent reinvestment.
Innov'Consulting - New Department

Innov'Consulting - Consulting Activities

In January 2023, building on missions carried out in previous years and recruiting new players, Percall Group has created a new department, Innov’Consulting, which gathers Expert Consultants from various horizons (PLM & MES Expert, IoT Start’up, Business Analyst,…).

These men and women, through their experience and expertise, bring a maximum of creativity, based on iterative solutions that guarantee companies a pragmatic and concrete vision.

Our Innov’Consulting team build with our customers the roadmap, the budget, the planning and the ROI. Our new consulting department also relies on a strong relationship with technology partners in order to provide a complete End to End approach from the sensor to the mobile application through the information systems.

Our method is repeatable and executed in several steps according to predefined packages:

  1. Discover: Translator and Characterization of industrial challenges (involvement of Sponsors and Operational Staff)
  2. Define: Sketcher of the target (iteration and testing of concepts + Communication at all levels of the company)
  3. Drive: Transformation Maker (Deployment of innovated solutions, Roadmap adjustment regarding concrete result and People change management to secure the transformation)

Innov’Consulting is a strong Partner for major industries, all over the world, to accelerate the transformation to the Industry 4.0, to maximize the value of all the data and to introduce companies to innovation for efficiency of their staff and employees.

Because Industry 4.0 is completely focused on human, our idea is to put digital technology at the service of operators’ efficiency and well-being.

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