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Percall Group History

Percall Group, through its Polish entity CPP, has become a reseller and integrator of the Tulip MoM solution. We are the first Tulip-certified partner in Europe.

Launch of Percall Group’s consulting activities with the Innov’Consulting department to offer our customers innovative expertise in managing their digital transformation.

Deployment of IoThys Energy, the platform dedicated to monitoring and optimising industrial energy consumption.

Launch of the Percall Software Suite with our 2 innovative solutions:
– Solings, a PLM systems obsolecence management solution
– IoThys, an IoT physical management solution

Percall Group has positioned itself as a key player in the field of MES technology services, with the execution of two projects for two major industrial accounts.

In order to meet the new needs and expectations of industries facing the challenges of Industry 4.0, we have introduced an innovative Plug Play Think approach to support companies in their digital transformation process. 

Launch of Solings Explorer functionnality 

History - 2021
History - 2020

Launch of the Vichydro Connect offer, a solution of connected hydroalcoholic gel dispensers to respond to the health crisis by providing a connected solution securing access to public places and businesses

Launch of The Wock offer, developed by the APS and CPP teams, and integrated into the Edge Factory Box of Siemens Digital Industries Software

History - 2019

Percall Group has introduced 10 communities corresponding to different business lines within the company to facilitate the exchange of best practices, sharing methods and tools, and to deploy & deliver the Percall’s strategic offers.

With SOLINGS, Percall Group becomes a software publisher. SOLINGS enables you to forget the obsolescence constraints of PLM solutions

Launch of our new strategic offers:
StartR Windchill
StartR Teamcenter

In october 2019, Percall Group set up Centrum Percall Polska in Poland, a delivery center based on Siemens Digital Industries sotwares in PLM (Teamcenter) and in IoT (Mendix and Mindsphere). Percall Group enforce its capacity to offer the best services to its European customers.

Percall Group joins the french aerospace industry group GIFAS, and becomes a member of GIMLEC

History - 2019
History - 2018

APS obtains Smart expert silver status and is named Top Partner in France

History - 2017

Confirmed and even accelerated growth. Percall Group strengthens in ETI and records many projects. Resale activity is doing very well with growth of more than 150% compared to 2016, which propels the company to the PLATINUM status of the PTC partner. This exceptional growth has earned Percall Group the PTC’s recognition as SILVER partner with the largest growth rate in the world for the second year in a row.

History - 2017
History - 2016

First full year of operation for resale activity. Percall Group demonstrates a capacity for rapid growth, and records its first successes.

Percall Solutions obtains the SILVER status as a PTC partner.

Launch of APS to address the market with Siemens Digital Industries Softwares solutions

History - 2015

Launch of Resale activity of Percall Solution to meet PTC’s request to strengthen its distribution network.

History - 2015
History - 2012

Service Advantage Partner

Since 2012, Percall Group has been one of the Service Advantage Partners (SAP) and one of the preferred partners in the organization of PTC Services. Strategic partner recognized by the American software editor, Percall Group  has made considerable progress in the PLM & IoT markets in France and Europe (Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain). Percall Group is now composed of more than 200 specialists in this field.

History - 2010

Strategic Service Partner

In 2010, Percall Group becomes SSP (Strategic Services Partner)

History - 2010
History - 2008

Windchill Certified Partner

In 2008, Percall Group becomes one of the first Windchill Certified Partner (WCP)

History - 2006

PLM team engineers

In 2006, Percall Group is the first team in France of PLM developers exclusively focused on the products of the American editor PTC.

History - 2006
History - 2003

Support Center in Rabat

In 2003, Percall Group opens its support center in Rabat, the first multilingual support for PTC software solutions for European and Brazilian customers.

History - 2000

Percall Group  creation

Computer Engineering Services (SSII) established in 2000, Percall Group  specializes in the integration of PLM & IoT systems in major high-tech industries: Aeronautics and Defense & Automotive.

History - 2000