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Challenges & Traps of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation - The Percall Group Value Proposition

July 11 2022

Digital Transformation - PERCALL GROUP'S SUPPORT

The Percall Group teams have defined a portfolio of activities and expertise to support the industrial sector in its digital transformation, according to an “end-to-end” approach.

As previously mentioned, for Percall Group, innovation and transformation do not consist in providing a new tool to employees, “disconnected”, if we dare say so, from the realities on the ground. Transformation is about business process, not technology, technology being an opportunity.

It is above all a question of understanding the current context of our clients, their challenges and objectives in the short, medium and long term, in order to develop a tailor-made digital battle plan and deploy the appropriate it and technological solutions. It is a vision centred on business needs, on concrete business use cases, with the provision of solutions in a progressive and iterative manner, according to the percall approach known as Plug Play Think.

Answer provided by Percall

Plug Play Think - Strategy

Strategy & Consulting

Define & drive the digital transformation roadmap

Bring high level expertise & return of experience

Bring governance methodology

Plug PLay Think - Ideation

Ideation & Innovation

Imagine, design, innovate the future

Find disruptions for new way of thinking

Focus on ROI

Plug Play Think - Technology

Technology & Solution

Plug Play Think approach

Bring best in case technologies

Propose best in case solutions

This vision of digital transformation is anchored in Percall Group’s DNA, and we have built our support offer around our credo, Plug Play Think:

Our value proposition is a global offer, which activates three complementary pillars :

Plug Play Think - Global Offer

Digital transformation - OUR FIELD OF ACTION

Based on our historical expertise in product lifecycle management (plm), and our experience in consulting and deployment of solutions for major accounts in various industrial sectors, percall has strongly developed its skills in business support and in the provision of it solutions on the complete axis of digital continuity and digital thread.

Our scope of intervention covers

          – engineering

          – production execution, in close connection with the supply chain

          – production performance management

          – building and plant performance

          – after-sales service

Digital Transformation by Percall

Percall's scope of intervention

Plug PLay Think - Schema Business Perimeter

Percall Group brings its business expertise as well as its knowledge of the major solutions in the PLM, CAD, MES and IIOT platforms perimeters, according to a Use Case approach aiming to bring value, in particular by the aggregation of different Use Cases within a federated and harmonised application architecture. The aim is to be able to bring together Use Cases adapted to the concrete objectives of each company, by mixing, for example, functionalities linked to production execution with asset geolocation or energy management functionalities.

Plug Play Think - Multicase Approach

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